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Established in 2010, a chemical trading company to build an industry-leading, high-growth, information-based chemical company by acquiring and growing businesses in Petrochemicals, Basic specialty chemicals, Minerals and other non-organic chemicals. Including strategy, implementation and management, and market information, including market measurement, analytics and related product and services

We are strong in developing new technologies by setting up close relationship with many institute and Manufacturers who have excellent scientific research and production network. In KSA and other world Region.

We have a unique understanding of the needs of both suppliers and buyers. Many of our team members have years of experience and previous employment in the specialty chemicals and petrochemical industry.


We handle, petrochemicals, plastics, specialty chemicals , Minerals, and industrial chemicals

Our Office is based in KSA at the heart of the biggest petrochemicals production regions in the world.


Our highly skilled staff completes the company profile. Our team prepares the exhaustive waves of paperwork required to move product around the globe. We manage the flow of legal, operational, financial and customs documents between all parties – double- and triple-checking them for accuracy and compliance, and reworking them as necessary

Since our team handles every step of the transaction and shipment process, however complex it may be, we eliminate the work, the worry and the frustrations typically experienced by both buyers and sellers.


SChmeT is unlike a traditional petrochemical trader that simply connects buyers and sellers without adding value. We find many ways to add value, including:


  • Distillation: SChemT has developed a strong knowledge in distillation of industrial waste and implementing the technique to overcome market needs SChemT has been supporting the Saudi industrial and consumer market by providing high quality chemical products. From the outset the company’s expansion and innovation programs have been a continuous process of adopting the latest methods of research and production which has maintained SChemT as one of the leader in its field.
  • Industrial Waste:  SChemT co is keen to introduce their latest approach in recycling of Industrial waste to conserve the market need soon we will be dealing with various light and heavy industrial wastes, hydrogenation and recycling of waste with the latest technique.
  • Dilution: SChemT co. also providing chemicals to the customer depending on their required concentration, for that we have established a fully automated dilution unit.
  • Plasticizer Plant: SChemT co. is proud to announce the completion of their new plant with a variety of product range. We will be producing UPR, DOP (Plasticizer full range), Alkyl Resin. Within a highly sophisticated facility equipped with latest technology equipment.

All the units utilize local raw materials and are monitored using the latest computerized technology. The plants are operated to stringent international safety and quality control standards.

Designing and manufacturing:   Over the years and in step with expanding requirements of the Saudi Arabian industrial sector SChemT is proud to introduce their new contract agreement with various well known manufacturers in light and heavy industrial processes. We are becoming one of the most popular investment consultancy companies also. Our goal is to study market requirements and provide opportunities for new and old investors and evaluate techno-economical facilities for our customers. We can establish facilities on turnkey basis.

Providing Consultative Expertise: We are a strong player with our finger on the pulse of the global marketplace. Both suppliers and buyers benefit from our competitive market insights.

Aligning Connections: We work in the middle ground between the suppliers and buyers: when we have understood the needs of both, then we use all our resources, whether they be financial, logistical, market knowledge or so many others, to creatively orchestrate a transaction that benefits all the parties involved.

Lining Up Third Parties: We relieve suppliers and buyers of the responsibilities of securing insurances, inspectors, freight forwarders and load/discharge services, as well as handling all certificates and shipping documents. We select, coordinate and manage all the third parties.

Juggling Transport Logistics: Our team negotiates charters and monitors international transportation services, including vessel and truck

Delivering as Promised: Occasionally the unexpected happens, and if it does, then SChmeT is uniquely prepared to resolve the difficulty and meet the spirit of our agreement regardless of fault. Our extensive supplier, buyer and logistical network provide us with many options to make good on our promises and offer the most appropriate solutions to our partners. We provide the latest technology and equipment allowing us to give our customers the best service possible on-site and through other media.


Our highly competitive pricing is a product of efficiency and expertise. These allow us to maintain a very low overhead cost per metric ton moved, and we pass these savings on to our partners in the form of minimal transaction margins. Our financial strength and flexibility allows us to reserve product when prices are favorable for our customers' future needs.

Relationships Count
At SChmeT we value our relationships with our business partners more than any other aspect of our business, for we know that our continued growth and success will be determined by their level of satisfaction. We believe that strengthening our long-standing relationships and building new ones is far more important than maximizing the profit of any given transaction. So while our pricing has remained comparatively modest, our business relationships have grown beyond compare.


We enjoy doing business, and that’s because we are constantly living by our business philosophies.

We promise that shipments will meet suppliers’ and buyers’ required timeframes meet buyers’ quality specifications and maintain pricing agreements with both trading partners. This is a firm commitment to our clients because it is a manageable risk for us.

Finding Solutions
Clients can rely on our guarantees because we have the built-in flexibility to be problem solvers. Our extensive network of resources, long-term contracts and economies of scale; coupled with our expertise, resourcefulness and drive to excel, give SChmeT the best tools to mitigate timing issues, unexpected delays, off-specifications, load or discharge disruptions and so many other daily challenges.

Trust is a hard-earned reward. We are out to win it every day. We do so by insisting that we keep our promises at any cost. Defaulting on an agreement because the market has turned is never an option. Whatever the cost, we are driven by the need to maintain our clients’ trust and build stronger relationships.

We believe that business works best when there is a high degree of transparency between ourselves and our suppliers and buyers.


Via our extensive supply channel, SChmeT has access to benefits that are not typically available to an individual buyer. And through our ability to combine product from several geographically remote suppliers, we can meet demand for greater quantities and alternate supply routes.

Highly competitive pricing

  • A solutions-oriented approach to non-traditional trade requests
  • A steadfast ability to deliver on our prices and deadlines
  • Personalized service at every step of the transaction and shipment processes
  • Personal attention from a dedicated team adept at problem solving
  • Financial backing to assist clients with creative funding solutions

Bottom line: The depth and flexibility of our supply channels gives us the ability to offer highly competitive pricing while meeting stringent product-delivery timelines..


As a valued supplier, you will benefit from our ability to deliver to global markets and move your products at all times in the market cycle. SChemT global presence allows you to weather local downturns in demand by offering your products to numerous customers in our expansive buyer network. A history of financial strength and long-term buying power make us a valuable partner when it comes to creative funding solutions.

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